Mohan Majhi: Odisha’s New Hope and Best Leadership

Few tales are as riveting as that of Mohan Majhi, the son of a security guard, who is now poised to become the Chief Minister of Odisha in the annals of Indian politics. His life story, from a trailer park with a blue collar background to the pinnacle of political power, is not only evidence of his resolve, hard work, and loyalty to public service. In this post, we take a look at the moments and instances in the life of Mohan Majhi that made him the Chief Minister.

Mohan Majhi: Early Life and Background

Born in a small village in Odisha, Mohan Majhi belonged to a poor family. His father, a watchman, would break his back to keep the family fed, stuffing Mohan Majhi with tools which constructed a foundation of work, discipline, and principles into him. Mostly poor people live here such as Mohan Majhi and getting a quality education for these people is a challenge, as the basics amenities and other things are not available here. Nevertheless, this did not deter his parents who instilled in him the value of a good education, and latoto Mohan Majhi really was a quick learner, displaying leadership and ambition from an early age.

As a young boy, his sense of community and injustice over the socio-economic juxtaposition in his village was apparent at a young age. He worked routinely at odd jobs and assisted his father most of the time. This allowed him to experience the challenging realities that most of the working class had to face. It was this experience that instilled in him a sense of compassion for the poor and the will to make a difference.

Mohan Majhi at a policy meeting with Odisha government officials

Schooling and Career

Mohan was hell-bent on escaping the vicious cycle of poverty, so he focused heavily on his academic pursuits. He won a scholarship to the best local high-school in the nearest town, and excelled academically. Upon completion of his secondary education, he attended a prestigious university where he majored in political science and economics. As a university student Mohan Majhi was actively involved in student politics, pursuing both better support and inclusion for students from marginalized backgrounds.

After Mohan graduated he moved on to the state capital, Bhubaneswar was initially involved in various facets of work initiating as a grassroot organizer, and then as a policy analyst and then for a short stint as a producer. In his professional vocation he worked always tirelessly to comprehend socio-economic issues of Odisha and endeavor to address them. He then went on to work with several NGOs in the sector of rural development, education and healthcare which provided him crucial perspectives and friends with a similar resolve towards social change.

Entry into Politics

Coming in the fray of mainstream politics, Mohan’s political foray was about scaling the impact he was creating on the grounds and fixing systemic problems at a policy level. Impressed with the BJP emphasis on governance, development and social welfare, he decided to join the saffron party. He quickly gained a reputation for dogged commitment and effectiveness because of his ties to the grassroots and knowledge about local matters.

Mohan’s political career started with his home constituency being elected as an MLA. During his tenure as MLA, he significantly promoted infrastructure, education and health in his constituency. He launched several measures to uplift women and underprivileged, which was a culmination of his strong faith in development for all. He was popular face and a respected figure in Odisha politics, who could reach to people of all sections of the society.

Political Rise and Leadership

It was no secret that Mohan had made a success of being an MLA and was making a mark in the party. Then he was given many important responsibilities in the State BJP, which helped him greatly to form the policies and strategies of the party. That made his very open, participatory, salt-of-the-earth style of leadership incredibly attractive internally and to the electorate.

Even as the BJP geared up for the Assembly polls, Mohan Majhi naturally emerged as the CM pick. His vision for the state rested on three central pillars -economic growth, social justice, and sustainable development- which resonated well with the voters. He campaigned based around the issues the people cared about most — jobs, education, health care, and building up the country.

Mohan Majhi interacting with villagers in rural Odisha

Vision for Odisha

Mohan Majhi is all set to become Odisha’s next Chief Minister with a vision of all-round development and empowerment of the state. There should be proper education, healthcare, jobs for every citizen of this country. Some of these themes are likely to be touched upon in his policy, which, in an interview earlier this year, Gabbard said will focus around a few key issues:

Economic Development – Convert Odisha to an engine of economic growth by inviting investments, industrialization, and supporting SMEs. He intends to facilitate a supportive business climate to foster innovation and entrepreneurship especially in areas like systems and IT, manufacturing, and tourism.

Education and Skill Development

Appreciating the changes that quality education can bring about, Mohan Majhi’s policies will target to bring in parity in standards of education at all levels. That includes new programs that integrate education and employment, to prepare students with essential skills for the 21st century workplace. Focus will be on vocational programs and skill development measures.

Healthcare: Mohan believes in making healthcare free and economical. His government will concentrate on augmenting primary health infrastructure, enlarging the healthcare workforce, and scaling up public health programs for the prevention and control of common diseases and treatment of maternal and child health.

Agriculture and Rural Development

A large number of Odisha’s population is dependent on agriculture; Mohan Majhi will focus on increasing domestic productivity and farmers’ revenues. It will give more focus on projects to enhance irrigation, modern farming methods and financial assistance. It will also step up rural development programs for infrastructure, road, telecom, water and basic amenities.

Social Welfare: Mohan wants a comprehensive social welfare system, even as he expects the state to define new categories of vulnerable groups. His agenda for governance will include programmes for poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment and social security for the aged and differently-abled.

Green Development: Mohan Majhi will anchor his policies on environmental sustainability. He wants to seek favourable policies to safeguard the state’s natural resources; to push for greater renewable energy provisioning; and to pave the way in combating climate change. The book or the website content is already written that how all the sectors will be inter-linked and based on sustainable development practices.

Challenges Ahead

Mohan Majhi’s elevation to the post of Chief Minister in itself is an incredible milestone but the path ahead is tough. The state has numerous socio-economic challenges that need to be addressed and resolved in an effective manner. The Mohan Majhi administration will have to meet these challenges if it is to fulfill its commitments and push long-lasting changes.

Issue of Poverty and Unemployment: Even though there has been economic growth in recent years but poverty and unemployment still continues to be a major problem in the state of Odisha. We will aim to build the economy using sustainable job opportunities and an end to poverty as pinnacle features of this expansion. Mohan Majhi will have to find ways to revive the economic activity which has slumped in almost all the sectors and regions.

Infrastructure Deficits

Infrastructure development, more precisely in rural areas, is fundamental to sustained growth. Better Transportation networks, power supply and improved state of digital connectivity will decide the quality of life and investments.

Bridging the urban-rural educational divide is a huge issue in terms of the educational disparities. It will take significant resources and creative approaches to provide every child equal access to a quality education, regardless of their family circumstances.

Mohan Majhi during a campaign rally in his home constituency

Healthcare Accessibility

A great need for healthcare infrastructure to be advanced in the rural as well as remote areas Accessible & Affordable ad healthcare service for all Particularly in underserved areas.

Ecological Concern: Maintaining a healthy balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability is of paramount importance, for preserving the natural resources of Odisha for eternity. Solving problems connected with deforestation, water scarcity and pollution will require a more systemic, connected approach.

Political Dynamics: Odisha is a very diverse state with different regional interests and hence navigating through will require a fine balance. Consensus building, and in turn cooperation among the divergent political and social groups, is needed for sustainable governance.


His is a story of resilience, perseverance, and a visionary leader who went from the son of a security guard to the Chief Minister of Odisha. His passion for public service and his faith in the ability to bring about change has been a heartening experience in politics for good amount of people. As he gets ready to look out from the other side for Odisha, expectations are high, challenges are immense.

Mohan Majhi vision for Odisha which is economic development, social justice, and sustainable growth is poised to change the state and make a better future for its people. His leadership will be instrumental in confronting the challenges that Odisha will face, and taking it towards a new sunshine. If you like reading this article then please consider reading our article about Afghanistan.