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Join LDAT today! Become more informed about learning disabilities. Join with others in advocating on behalf of individuals with learning disabilities.

Membership dues are $35.00 (tax deductible) annually and will provide LDA memberships at the state, national, and local levels - if a local affiliate is available in your area.  (From the $35.00, LDA receives $25.00, LDAT $5.00 and local councils $5.00.)  Members of LDA will receive informative newsletters: LDA Newsbriefs from the national organization, The Texas Key from LDAT, and a newsletter from your local council - if one is located in your area.

LDAT membership applications are processed through the LDA of America website where several options are available. Individuals joining for the first time, or anyone renewing a membership should click on LDA of America and proceed by clicking "Become a Member" on the Home page. Follow the directions to pay online with a credit card, fax, or mail.

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